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Ants come in different colors and sizes, but there are three types of ants that are commonly seen in the Greater Toronto Area: House ants, Carpenter ants and Pavement ants. Regardless of the difference in species, most ants thrive on all sorts of foods and grease, and they leave trails to track food. Ant control is never easy. Ants usually start with a small group, but they multiply incredibly fast without even being noticed by homeowners.

Nest Selection

The warmth of your home and the food inside may attract ants to come through cracks around the windows, walls and pipes. They can nest anywhere in your house such as walls and basements. Ants’ nests are also often found in outdoor places such as bush, fences, ground etc.


Some ants – for example carpenter ants – can cause serious structural damages to your property if their population continuously grows. Pavement ants can damage your driveway, sidewalks and house foundations. If you have ants in your house, there is a chance that your pets and kids may get bitten by these ants which can cause painful burning sensations.


Ant control

1. Ant Control – Extermination

Our licensed exterminators will start with an investigation to locate the main nest and satellite nests. To ensure a full removal of ant’s infestation, our exterminators will provide a combination of treatments that include spraying, bating and dusting. Ants can keep returning; thus, a periodic treatment is highly recommended.

Ant Control

2. Ant Control – Prevention

Water supply is crucial for ants when choosing a nesting location, thus moisture control and removal of all food and grease are the most effective ways of prevention. We also suggest you seal the gaps and holes in your house to prevent ants travelling and spreading.


Our one-stop shop ants control service includes repairing the damages (e.g. walls, wood structures, basement etc.) and securing the area to prevent spreading.

Ants use trails to track food, and the smell can attract and cluster more ants in your house. Because ants dislike strong odor, you can leave basil or plants alike to repel them.

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