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Humane skunk removal methods
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Repair any damages caused by the animal, usually happens on your attic and other structures
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Secure galvanized critter guard to block them out


Skunks are not aggressive animals and cannot climb. However, when they are injured or frightened, the foul odor they spray can be quite powerful. You may not have seen one, but you have must have smelled one especially when you’re driving on highway. Similar to raccoons, skunks like to eat garbage, insects and grubs. They usually produce a litter of 4-6 babies per year between April and May.

Den Site Selection

Skunks have a great sense of hearing and smell, and excellent ability to dig. You may find burrows under your deck if you have skunks in your home. They also like to build their dens below porches and sheds. The dens they build are difficult for predators and human beings to access. In this case, you will need professional experts to access their nests.


Skunks dig up lawns and gardens for grubs and insects to eat, which will ruin your backyard if you fail to address them. The areas where skunks take residences may have persistent odor which marks their territory. The noxious chemical can cause nausea and vomiting, and even temporary blindness when get into to your or your pets’ eyes.

If you have a pet at home, chances are the skunks will frequently spray your pet for defensing themselves. It is extremely hard to get rid of the smell from hair, skin and clothing.

Health Risk

You may surprisingly find out that there are more cases of rabies identified in skunks than in raccoons in GTA area. Skunks can pass rabies to pets and humans through bites. Skunks also carry roundworms, canine hepatitis and leptospirosis which can cause serious health complications to you and your family.


One way door for wildlife removal

One-way Door: Less Harm to the Animals

One-way door is the most effective tool in removing skunks from your home. It allows skunks to exit your home without being triggered to spray. Our technicians will dig into the soil and install an L-shaped galvanized screen to prevent skunks from burrowing. Then they will install a one-way door over the entry point to block skunks from getting back inside.
Trap for wildlife removal

Trapping and Releasing

In situations where one-way door cannot be used, e.g. skunks didn’t nest inside your home, we will have to live trap skunks. However, trapping is always the last resort because we want to put as little stress on animals as we can.

Skunk Removal During Breeding Season (April to May)

Mother skunks are very protective of their babies; thus, we highly recommend you to be careful and stay away from mother skunks during the birthing season. To remove skunk families from your home during this season, our technicians will remove the young babies first and place them into a box that is close to the entry so that they can be reunited with their mother. Then our technicians weill intall a one-way door to avoid re-entry.


Our one-stop shop skunk removal service includes repairing the damages, securing the area to prevent re-entry, and cleaning contaminated areas that can cause health issues.

To secure your home against skunk re-intrusions in the future, our technicians will install a galvanized screen in particular areas to seal all potential openings.

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